That's what customers tell us abut out countertops!

We can custom design the way you want it at the price you want!

Using only the best eco friendly product on the market today!

Whether you want a marbled or copper look, a nice flex stone look,

or a  beautiful long lasting solid color

Total Renu can deliver what you want within your budget


Diamond Coat Epoxy Products:

Diamond Coat is a cutting edge resurfacing system for your countertops or floors. Total Renu will pour directly over your existing surface, you will only be without a kitchen for a short amount of time.

**Diamond Coat is zero VOC and is 100% non-toxic. There will be no odor when it is installed and will be safe to cook and eat off of.

**Unlike tile or granite, Diamond Epoxy is seamless and non-porous which means it seals out any kind of bacteria that tries to get under the surface. This also makes it very easy to clean!

**Durable! Being 5 times harder than concrete and much thicker than other epoxies, Diamond Coat is known for it’s Durability and scratch resistance.

**Whether Diamond Epoxy is on an outdoor bar or on your kitchen countertop, you will never have to worry about your beautiful surface fading or yellowing from the sun.

**Diamond Installers will be able to completely customize your surface to match your home’s interior and style.

The possibilities are endless with Diamond Coat Epoxy. Deep, three-dimensional color will have your family and friends in awe of your new countertops. Besides being beautiful and completely customizable, Diamond Coat is very durable and will last a lifetime without having to be maintained year after year. Whether it's a marble or copper look, Diamond Coat has unparalleled options for you.

Flint Stone:

Brought to you by NAPCO. Total Renu  will install your beautiful Flint-Stone coating that will transform your dated kitchen counter tops and vanities with the look of stone. It's unique flecked properties mimics stone but without the cost of replacement. After coating with Flint-Stone, the counter or vanity will have the sought after stone look popular for kitchens and baths today.  Covers nicks, stains and scratches at a fraction of the cost! You get a beautiful kitchen while saving tons of money.  It's a win-win and comes in a myriad of colors!

Amarillo Yellow, Autumn Blaze, Avalanche Birchbark, Bisque, Brownstone, Canyon Cliff, Cappuccino, Desert Stone,
Fieldstone, Fawn (Discontinuing Color), Fusion, Galena Gray, Graphite, Moonstone, Nightspots, Onyx, Oyster, Red Granite, Ridge Rock, Rocky Road, Safari Tan, Summit Gray, Tahitian Sands - (Discontinuing Color) Terrain, Tuscan Tan, and White Sands