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3 Refinishing Myths: Debunked!

For those looking to re-model a kitchen or bathroom, bigger may only seem to be better. While a complete remodel is an option for homeowners needing an updated look, refinishing may be the right solution for many who have otherwise overlooked it.

Total Renu NC offers the perfect remodeling solution for your project, whether it’s a residential or commercial job, we offer high quality refinishing services at competitive pricing. So, what’s keeping you from calling Total Renu NC today to get a free in-home consultation for your project?

If you have been thinking about contacting a refinishing contractor, but have hesitated, then maybe one of the following Refinishing Myths may be what has been holding you back!

Refinishing Myth #1: I can’t afford to refinish my kitchen and bath!

Let’s face it… money talks. However, Total Renu NC can walk the talk as well. We offer many discounts on already low pricing on top of backing our work with a 5-year guarantee. Look at our Pricing & Discounts page on our website to learn what our price ranges are. The best way to learn if we can help you finance your project is to call us at (828)202-8002.

Refinishing Myth #2: It’s just easier if I DIY my refinishing project!

While a project like refinishing a bathtub or sink may seem to the advanced handyman like an easy DIY project, this is not typically the case. Many of the refinishing products that can be bought in store do not hold a quality finish. Also, application must be handled with care to prevent peeling. Total Renu NC is a professionally trained company. We have learned how to apply the perfect finish to any refinishing project. Please call us before you decide to DIY, and let us offer you a free in-home consultation to discuss if professional assistance may be the best solution.

Refinishing Myth #3: Refinishing is bad for the environment!

Total Renu NC is a Green-Friendly Company. We believe in the 3 R’s of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling and apply them to every project we work on. If environmentally friendly is what you are seeking in your refinishing contractor, then look no further and call us today at (828)202-8008!

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